Devnya Cement JSC is the largest cement producer in Bulgaria, located in the town of Devnya, in operation since 4 December 1958.

Тhe company is a leader in the local market.

Since 1998, many investments have been made in the acquisition and modernization of processes and production capacities. Following its confidence in the great growth and development potential of the construction industry in Bulgaria, the company is taking a step forward in the construction of a new clinker and dry cement production line. The modern, high-tech facility introduces the best existing cement production technology. In this way, the company strengthened its position as a leading cement producer and innovative construction products with numerous awards for its achievements in various fields.

Our Company is seated at Trzebinia, a town located at the motorway connecting Kraków with Katowice. Here, for over 90 years, we have been manufacturing cements that are sold in the whole of Europe. Today, GÓRKA CEMENT is an experienced company, with many years of tradition. Above all, however, GÓRKA CEMENT is a team of skilled and competent people who keep looking ahead. Our products, Calcium Aluminate Cements GÓRKAL 40 and GÓRKAL 50 as well as our strategic High Alumina Cement GÓRKAL 70, GÓRKAL 70F and GÓRKAL 80, were designed based on the experience to fulfill the customers’ requirements, today and in the future. We hope that as in the past, the results of our efforts, Calcium Aluminate Cement GÓRKAL, will meet with your approval. This is our deepest desire which, we hope, will come true for the benefit of the Company and our Partners.

"POLICE" Chemical Plant JSC has been for nearly 40 years one of the largest plants of the chemical industry in Poland and a significant player on the European market. While being the largest Polish exporter of fertilizers, pigments and chemicals, “POLICE” has got an established position on the markets almost all over the world. 
"POLICE" stands out with its titanium dioxide plant, which is a unique one in Poland, the scale of the ammonia, phosphoric and sulfur acids production and high position in the sector of mineral multi component fertilizers – the company supplies the internal market with more than 50% of all the fertilizers of this group manufactured in Poland.

KOLTEX is engaged in manufacture, wholesale and retail distribution of metallurgical materials and briquettes, abrasives, refractories, titanium dioxide, various types of talc, color pigments and fillers. We provide comprehensive services that are associated with a comprehensive evaluation of customer requirements under its order, the optimal setting of production and distribution processes together with adequate satisfaction of individual customer requirements.

JARO is Poland’s only supplier of low alumina clays (with Al2O3 content of up to 39%) aluminosilicate refractory materials with superb quality and working parameters.|

The Company owns a refractory clay strip mine “Stanislaw” and a processing plant for mineral materials, equipped with rotary furnaces, crushers, mills, dryers, screens and other machines. JARO S.A. closely cooperates with its subsidiary JAROMECH Sp. z o. o., which offers a wide range of construction and repair services. JARO S.A. is based in Jaroszów, in the Strzegom municipality (Lower Silesia province).