ALI PRE CSA Clinker® ALI PRE is ground Calcium Sulfoaluminate clinker (CSA).® ALI PRE offers more flexibility as the binding time can be managed over a very wide time period. Even the strength development can be moulded very flexibly thanks to the mixing ratio with Portland cement and calcium sulphate.® ALI CEM is a blend of Calcium Sulfoaluminate (CSA) cement with micronized Calcium Sulfate.® ALI CEM guarantees simple, secure processing. The advantage is the lower dose outlay, as it is already a dual component system.
Areas of use

Rapid hardening, self-levelling flooring compounds
Rapid hardening repair mortars and fillers
Quick-binding repairing mortar for fixing and anchorage work
Grouting and injection mortar
Tiling / repairing adhesive
Anchor mortar


Rapid hardening and high early strength
Low shrinkage (shrinkage control)
Management of setting times
Can also be used at low temperatures
Constant quality with the most recent control systems

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