About Us

CREDICOM INTERNATIONAL D.O.O. is an import-export company which is successfully operating for 30 years now. We import and distribute raw materials that are used for the production of paints and varnishes, fireproof materials and finishing construction works.

Credicom International imports raw materials that are not produced in Serbia, but are necessary for the Serbian industry. These are primarily white cement, pigments, talc, titanium dioxide, alumina cement, corundum and bauxite. We are the exclusive importers and distibuters of white cement Devnya Cement (Italcementi Group). For the refractory industry we are the exclusive distributers of alumina cement Gorka cement (Mapei group). We are also the exclusive distributors of Czech company Koltex for talc, pigments, corundum and silicium carbide. We are the distributor of the famous chemical industry ZCH "Police" Poland for the Serbian market for titanium dioxide Tytanpol. Calcined kaolin and clay we import from French company AGS and Polish company Jaro.


If you need samples of some of our products, you will receive them within 48 hours!


We look forward to your ideas. If we can help you in the procurement of raw materials you need - we will do our best!


We have the greatest experience in our market for raw materials we represent, which guarantees the best possible service.